Viima Discography

Kahden kuun sirpit (Viima-002) 2009
"Kahden Kuun Sirpit" explores the realms of vintage sounding, symphonic art rock almost to perfection, with strong performances and good compositions from start to finish." Olav M Björnsen, ProgressoR

Ajatuksia maailman laidalta (Viima-001) 2006
"Wonderful, melodic music this album entails. Peaceful and lovely female vocals are enhanced by the delicate flute, but there is no lack of propulsion in the music. On the other hand, there’s a good amount of vibrancy and vitality mixed with well done compositions and high level musicianship. There is a “joix de vivre” sensation throughout the album. Not only that, but great warmth emanates from the music." Avestin, Progressive Ears

Participation in concept and tribute albums

Tuonen Tytär - "a Tribute to Finnish Progressive"
(Mellow Records MMP 385 AB, 2000)
Lost Spectacles presents Matti Järvinen's "Tuulee niin"

Kalevala - "Definitive edition remastered"
(Musea Records FGBG 4755.AR, 2008)
Viima presents "Kaukomielen kaipaus" written by
Mikko Uusi-Oukari (music) and Petri Hyytiä (words)

Inferno - "The Divine Comedy - Part I"
(Musea Records FGBG 4753, 2008)
Viima presents "XXIII" written by Hannu Hiltula

Tuonen Tytär II - "a Tribute to Finnish Progressive"
(Musea Records, FGBG 4816, 2009)
Viima presents Scapa Flow's "Uuteen aikaan"

Guitars dancing in the light - "a Tribute to Santana"
(Mellow Records, MMP 489, 2010)
Viima presents Santana's "Taboo"