Viima and Nousi gig in Utopia 11th May 2024!

The CD version of Viima's new album "Väistyy mielen yö" was released today, January 1, 2024! Vinyl a week later!

You can order vinyl here and CD can be ordered here

Viima wishes you a Happy New Year 2024!


The new Viima album "Väistyy Mielen Yö" will be released in January 2024 (vinyl and CD)!


The next Viima gig in Komitea-club in Pikku-Torre 26th October 2019 with Nousi

Video: Viima gig 26th Oct 2019 in Komitea-klubi, Pikku-Torre, Turku


Viima gig in Proge-Klubi, TVO on 21st April 2017 with Sisare, Taipuva luotisuora ja Punaisen kuningattaren periaate


Happy Fall 2016 Y'all!
Viima is again a full quintet after the keyboard player-vocalist Risto Pahlama joined the band.


Happy New Year 2013!


Viima gig in Brinkkala, Turku, The Night of the Arts on 16th August 2012


Keyboard player Kimmo Lähteenmäki quit the band in 2011, but he is still participating in our 3rd album. Following a period of 4-membered band the keyboardist Eric Marquis joined Viima thus fullfilling our usual quintet line-up

The next Viima gig at S-Osis, in Turku, Friday 26th August with Mystons and 87th Precinct

Viima showcase exhibition in Turku City Library, 1st-30th June, 2011. Records, photos, published articles and reviews from progmagazines around the world

The next VIIMA gig with LIIKKUVAT LAPSET at Kirjastonpiha, Turku, Friday, 17th June, 2011

31st May 2011 A new interview in Musasto

15th April 2011 A new interview ProgArchives


We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!

17th December 2010 We have finally reached the point with out new songs that we start recording the in the beginning of New Year 2011!

The next VIIMA gig with Taipuva Luotisuora at Klubi, Turku, 17th June 2010

5th March 2010 The Mellow Records Santana-tribute Guitars Dancing in the Night 2CD released.
Viima performs the track "Taboo" from Santana 3rd


VIIMA has started rehearsing new and old material in autumn 2009 (following the extended summer vacation)

RECORD RELEASE PARTY with Half Apple at Klubi, Turku, 12th May 2009

20th March 2009 The new Viima record "KAHDEN KUUN SIRPIT" out now!!!


26th Oct 2008 We are mixing the second Viima album. We hope to get it released in the beginning of year 2009

A new interview has been released in La Caja de Música

18th June 2008 The new Viima track "Kaukomielen Kaipaus" has been released as a bonus track in remastered version of KALEVALA "A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic", a 3 CD concept album by Colossus and Musea. The record is available from Musea Records

Photos from 12th January 2008 Rokkibaari gig (Turku) on Gigs page

Viima will provide a bonus track to the remastered Colossus/Musea triple-CD KALEVALA "A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic" to be released early 2008


25th June 2007 ProgArchives "Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta" review has been added to Reviews page

17th Apr 2007 In addition to recording the second Viima album this year, we are participating the Colossus / Musea concept album (3 CDs) "Dante's Inferno - The Divine Comedy - Part I"

7th Apr 2007 Progression magazine "Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta" review has been added to Reviews page

Photos from 14th March 2007 Vastavirta-Club gig (Pispala, Tampere) on Gigs page

1st Mar 2007 POP-lehti "Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta" review has been added to Reviews page

12th Jan 2007 Happy New Year 2007!!! Viima started recording their second CD


5th Dec 2006 Viima interview and "Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta" review in
eclipsed number 87 have been added to Interviews and Reviews pages

24th Nov 2006 Viima interview in Colossus number 30 has been added to Interviews page

31st Oct 2006 Viima recorded the Santana track "Taboo"
that will be released in Santana Tribute 2CD (Mellow Records)

02nd Oct 2006 The Viima track "Leijonan Syksy" has been included in eclipsed October sampler CD
"Musik From Time And Space Vol. 21"

02nd Oct 2006 News page has been added to Viima Website